I vini del Ristorante Matricianella di Roma

The Winery

In our room there are three sommeliers of the Italian Sommelier Foundation with professional qualification issued by the Lazio Region, waiting for satisfying commensals’ requests. The winery has almost a thousand labels that are stored in the dark, in wooden shelves, with controlled temperature and humidity to better facilitate the wine evolution, which, like a living being, has a soul and a character in continuous development. The wine also has a color, a taste and a “shape of drinking”, thus it is essential to try to enhance its organoleptic characteristics to taste and enjoy it at its best by using different glasses that fit for each wine. At Matricianella all this is well known... they know it and they do it: the staff is made of three sommeliers regularly enrolled with the Italian Sommelier Foundation, the same sommeliers who daily choose the labels that best match the dishes of the day.

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